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Put incredible in and get incredible out.  
Try our recipes that give our products a twist.

Red Seal Raspberry Porridge Recipe Pre

Raspberry & Strawberry Infused Oatmeal Brew

Needing a twist to spice up your autumn breakfast? Try this quick, easy, indulgent hack.

View Recipe for Raspberry & Strawberry Infused Oatmeal Brew

Passion Vanilla Pots 1968X1312

Passion Vanilla Pots

5 minutes prep, 15 minutes soak
Red Seal Chia Protein Breakfast Puddings Recipe Pre

Chia Protein Breakfast Puddings

Looking for a delicious new breakfast idea for Spring?

5 hours
Red Seal Vanilla Protein Pancakes Recipe Pre

Vanilla Protein Pancakes

Protein packed breakfast, a perfect post-workout treat.

1 hour 20 minutes
Red Seal Apricot Super Seed Protein Bars Recipe Pre

Apricot Super Seed Protein Bars

Jam packed with super seeds, these homemade protein bars are the perfect bite sized healthy snack.

60 minutes
Red Seal Protein Hotcakes Recipe Pre

Protein Hotcakes

A super healthy take on a favourite breakfast meal.

20 minutes

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