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Incredible Kindness

Giving incredible, feels incredible

Giving incredible, feels incredible

At Red Seal, we believe there's incredible inside each and every New Zealander, that's why we're supporting the Kindness Collective who provide everyday essentials, moments of joy, care and connection to thousands of Kiwi families living in hardship every year. Helping children, families and communities to thrive.

The Kindness Collective’s purpose is to harness the power of kindness in our communities to support an equitable future for all people living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Founded in 2013, the Kindness Collective began as a behind-the-scenes community group with friends and family, on a mission to make Aotearoa a kinder place for all.

Every Kiwi deserves to have what they need to thrive, but should at the very least have the basics; food, clothing, shelter and safety.

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Everyday Essentials

Together we'll help Kiwis with the essentials they need to keep safe, warm, fed and healthy. After 100 years we know small everyday actions can have a big impact. The Kindness Collective's Everyday Essentials Programme delivers support to whānau all around the country with the everyday items needed for their family to thrive.

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The PJ Project

One in five children go without day-to-day basics including warm clothes.

Our team jumped at the chance to support The PJ Project in April this year, donating just over 200 pairs to the Kindness Collective to distribute to children across the country. As well the joy of receiving new PJs, staying warm and cozy on winter nights means less days off school and less time off work for the family. Brings a whole new meaning to the saying ‘warm fuzzies’.

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The Christmas Joy Store

There’s nothing quite like the joy of a Christmas tree surrounded by presents (no matter what your age!). The Christmas Joy Store not only ensures those with little don't go without, it gives parents the empowering experience of shopping for their kids presents and essentials just like they’re in a regular store - but, twist, everything has been kindly donated. It makes the big day one to remember for both kids and parents alike.

Together with Kindness Collective, we're helping more Kiwis feel Incredible Inside.

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