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Delicious Fruit Flavours.

Hot or Cold? You choose.

Introducing our Hot or Cold range

At Red Seal when it came to creating our flavoursome fruit blends that brew hot or cold, we didn’t need to look much further for inspiration than the incredible flavours in Mother Nature.

Rasp & Lemon

Raspberry & Lemon Hot or Cold Brew

3 ways to enjoy raspberry & lemon

A refreshing brew bursting with the flavours of sweet raspberry and tangy lemon. It truly is the perfect pick me up on a hot summer's day.


Circle Cold Drink
Raspberry & Lemon Slushie

Grab a blender, 4 easy ingredients (including our Raspberry & Lemon brew) and whip yourself up this delicious Raspberry & Lemon Slushy. View Recipe.

Circle Tea
Raspberry & Lemon Hot - with Extra Lemon

Looking for the perfect drink on a cooler summer night? Brew our Raspberry & Lemon with hot water, and add a slice of lemon for an extra citrus kick!

Circle Cold Drink
Raspberry & Lemon Sunrise

You can basically taste a tropical island holiday with every sip of our Raspberry & Lemon Sunrise. So pick out your favourite glass and brighten your day with this deliciously refreshing drink. View Recipe

Passion & Vanilla

Passionfruit & Vanilla Hot or Cold Brew

3 ways to enjoy passionfruit & vanilla

Sweet passionfruit with a hint of vanilla...if you're getting cheesecake vibes, you're kinda right...we like to call this brew our new favourite dessert!

Circle Dessert
Passionfruit & Vanilla Jelly Peaks

Transport your tastebuds to passionfruit heaven with our mouthwatering Vanilla Passion Jelly Peaks! These ones not only taste amazing, but they make for a dinner party favourite. View Recipe

Circle Cold Drink
Pavlova Mocktail

Ahhh Pavlova, the Kiwi Christmas favourite. We've taken the classic pav and made it into a mocktail so you can get creative & impress the family any time of year. View recipe.

Circle Ice Cubes
Passionfruit & Vanilla Cold – with pinterest worthy infused ice cubes

Zhuzh up your cold brew with decadent infused ice cubes that are oh so easy to make.

Add passionfruit pulp and petals from an edible flower to your ice cube tray. Brew our Passionfruit & Vanilla cold, and pour it into the tray. Once frozen, add the cubes to your next glass of cold brew for an added touch of luxury with your summer sip. 

Blood Orange

Blood Orange Hot or Cold Brew

3 ways to enjoy blood orange

Refreshing & zesty, our Blood Orange fruit brew is a firm favourite flavour!

Circle Drink Bottle
Sparkling with Oh Bubble’s Machine – On the Go

Switch it up and fill a bottle with Blood Orange brewed cold, add a sparkle with an Oh Bubbles machine, then drop in a few slices of fresh fruit! This makes for a pretty delicious way to stay hydrated. Check out Oh Bubble's! machines here.

Circle Sweet
Blood Orange & Vanilla Tea Cakes

Time for a cuppa? Pair it with our decadent Blood Orange tea cakes, you won't be disappointed. View Recipe

Circle Apertivo
Blood Orange Aperitivo

Meet your new summer fling! If you've already fallen in love with our Blood Orange brew, you're going to adore this recipe for a Blood Orange mocktail. View Recipe.

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