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Meet some of our Red Seal High Strength range

BY THE TEAM AT RED SEAL | 06 July 2021

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Red Seal High Strength Supplements for Sleep and Stress Relief

Sleep and Stress Relief Supplements

  1. Starting the Spark is High Strength Co-enzyme Q10 300mg to support heart health and cellular energy.  Red Seal High Strength Co-Q10 is an easy one a day dose.   Co-Q10 provides antioxidant support for muscle health including the heart.  Plus supports heart and blood vessel health and is naturally fermented Co-Q10.
  2. Looking for some high strength deep sleep with magnesium to support a deep, restful sleep plus 5HTP and herbs for calmness and relaxationRed Seal High Strength Deep Sleep with Magnesium supports a deep, restful sleep, mental calmness and physical relaxation and balanced serotonin levels. It’s one of the most popular products in the Red Seal range!
  3. Red Seal High Strength Stress Adapt with Ashwagandha is nature’s chill pill, supporting a calm mind and body.  Ashwagandha helps the body adapt to various types of stress, known as an adaptogen.  Supports maintenance of cortisol levels, supporting mood balance and the body’s natural response to stress.  Plus, vegetarian friendly.
  4. Red Seal High Strength Brain Fuel is a nutritional blend supporting healthy brain function and mental clarity.  Brahmi supports the nervous system in particular tension and mood balance and can provide support during times of stress, such as exam time or big work projects.  This blend includes the addition of MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which provides nutrients supporting energy for the brain and body.
  5. Red Seal High Strength Healthy Hormones with 1500 mg Chaste Tree and magnesiumsupports women’s hormonal cycle balance and menstrual health


Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. TAPS APPROVAL No:  BG1331

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