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Ageless beauty

BY THE TEAM AT RED SEAL | 08 July 2021

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How to Maintain a Youthful Look

While we are bombarded with the idea of beauty being all about youth and make-up, we think, true beauty is ageless and radiates from within. We believe at Red Seal when you put incredible in you get incredible out.  Your nutrition, physical exercise plus some laughter (watch a comedy!), all contribute to support your natural inner glow.



Most of the rejuvenation from our sleep occurs in a stage of sleep called REM (rapid eye movement), and when damaged cells in our bodies are repaired. If you need support for disrupted sleep patterns, explore some minerals combined with herbs to support your sleep pattern.  Also, ensure you have a consistent sleep routine – try to wind down with calming activities to quieten the mind, keep your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary, remove electronics from your room, have a bath, reduce caffeine in the afternoons, don’t eat a heavy meal after 9pm and try to get on the sleep train by 10pm before your second wind is activated.



One route to a better body image is simple: good posture. Poor posture can add years to your appearance and can make you look heavier. Hunching also compromises the respiratory system and the ability to take deep breaths to ensure adequate oxygen in your body. Retrain muscles to help you stand tall and straight. As any yoga teacher will tell you, the secret to eternal youth is a flexible and strong spine, so think of that every time you are tempted to slouch.


Stabilize your blood sugar.
A diet high in carbohydrates and sugars leads to insulin and is one way to speed up the aging process. Reducing refined white-food products (such as white flour, white sugar), and adding spices such as cinnamon or cloves instead, helps to curb sugar cravings.


Eat the rainbow.
Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables in every colour. These are packed with phytonutrients and fibre. At least 5+ a day.


Drink water.
Water is essential for glowing, clear skin and staying alive.


Get your recommended daily intake of the essential fatty acids found in oily fish, flax seed, nuts, and seeds or if your diet is lacking, you could consider a supplement to top up the shortfall.


Go for vitamin C.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports cell protection from the damaging effects of pollution and UV exposure.  Vitamin C builds collagen and supports tissue repair Vitamin C and supports the body’s natural healing processes and defences during ills and chills.


Go green.
Green tea that is! Green tea leaves contain antioxidants called polyphenols. Make Green Tea a part of your daily wellness ritual.


Keep your gut moving.
Probiotics, acidophilus yoghurt and fermented foods, support levels of good microflora in the gut which helps to support immune health and overall wellbeing.

Our Top Beauty Tip

In our opinion, the easiest way to upgrade your look is simply to smile – and share your smiling vibe. Sharing a smile makes others feel good, which in turn boosts your overall mood. 



Always read the label and use as directed.

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