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Some days it can be tricky to eat all the correct foods to ensure we get the correct nutrients our body’s need. We might eat lunch on the run or be juggling jobs, side hustles, kids, families, sports activities for the family, housework, and then trying to cook healthy meals in between the juggling act.

Modern living can put strain upon the body and sometimes diet is not enough to ensure we are coping. A good multivitamin could potentially provide a balanced intake of the key minerals and vitamins needed to support our bodies and minds. However, there are times where we might be short of a particular mineral or vitamin and need to consider something a bit more specific.


Listen to yourself

The great thing is that the body usually tells us what it needs, we just have to be alert to the signs. It may be as simple as sticking out a tongue in front of the mirror. If it has a tremor this indicates a need for magnesium. A metallic taste in the mouth can indicate a zinc deficiency. Feeling tired all time? Perhaps it’s time for an iron supplement.


‘I feel exhausted’

If your diet is lacking in iron, a supplement may be an alternative way to support nutritionally. If you are vegan or vegetarian, a female of childbearing age, on a low nutritional diet, frequent blood donor or an elite athlete you may very well need top-up with an iron supplement. 


Natural soother

Tense muscles, difficulty sleeping. Eating too much sugar or suffering from woman cycle balance – then a Magnesium supplement may be something to consider.

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