Find out more about our Kiwi made toothpaste

21 April 2023

2 min

Red Seal Kiwi Made Toothpaste

You might be surprised to find out that all your favourite Red Seal toothpastes are made right here in Aotearoa, Tamaki Makarau to be exact.  

Where it all started Red Seal founder, a naturopath by the name of William T. Anderton was the first to start creating his own herbal remedies sold from his shop in Symonds Street, opened in 1923 (yes, we have just turned 100!) William offered his clients pure, wellness prescriptions to assist good health. While he created and sold many products and remedies, toothpaste wasn’t one of them…  

Our first toothpaste 

Trailblazers Rolf and Rosie Hilke were at the helm of Red Seal in the 1980s when they developed and launched New Zealand’s first natural toothpaste. It started popping up in health food stores, pharmacies and eventually supermarkets.  

Toothpaste today

Today, possibly right now, Red Seal toothpaste is being blended and packed by our crew of 20 at our manufacturing site in Auckland. It is distributed all over New Zealand and has an even bigger international following due to New Zealand’s stellar reputation for all things natural and pure. Making our toothpaste is a company wide effort that everyone in Red Seal feeds into, every team is as essential as the next.  

Our innovation team have recently formulated a new range which includes Complete Care, Whitening, and Kids, all with the option of fluoride. This was a new innovation challenge for Red Seal but one we were excited to tackle as we wanted to give all kiwis the option of choosing a toothpaste, which is naturally certified to the NATRUE Standard. You can see full the range here. Stay tuned for more news on our incredible toothpaste.   

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