Light & Bright Pavlova

Kiwi Pavlova
A classic kiwi staple for the festive season, ready for everyone to share!

Created by:

A member of our #RedSealWhānau - Anna Pedan, @happyhealthyketonz


- 5 large egg whites

- 2 tbsp keto sweetener

- 1 tsp lemon juice

- 1 tsp  vanilla extract

- 1 tsp  xanthan gum ( optional)

- 1/2 tsp cream of tartar 


- 3 tbsp of Red Seal Raspberry & Lemon Hot or Cold Brew 

- 500 ml whipped cream

- 1 tsp lemon juice

- 1 tbsp keto sweetener

- 1 tsp vanilla extract

- 100 gr fresh strawberries

- fresh berries for garnishing 


Step 1
Pre heat oven to 100 degrees C

Step 2
Start by
 beating egg whites until stiff peaks form 

Step 3
Slowly add the keto sweetener, one tablespoon 
at a time, until the meringue is glossy and thick 

Step 4
Finally, add cream of tartar, lemon juice
, and vanilla extract 

Step 5
Spread the meringue inside the circle, creating a crater by making the sides a little higher 
than the middle 

Step 6
Bake for 
1 hour, then turn off the heat and let the Pavlova cool completely inside the oven

Step 7
For strawberry dressing: brew one Raspberry
 & Lemon teabag in 1/2 cup cold water for 3-5 minutes, add fresh strawberries and lemon juice, then blend in the blender for 1 minute 

Step 8
 whipped cream over meringue, pour the strawberry dressing over the top and garnish with fresh berries and edible flowers 


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