Beauty Tea

At Red Seal, we believe that when you put incredible in you get incredible out.
Sip your way to gorgeous looking hair, skin & nails with our delicious herbal blend of Lemongrass, Nettle and Birch leaves that also contains Zinc, Selenium and Biotin. 
We have also added Vitamin C to support collagen formation and protect cells from free radical damage.
Blended in a Raspberry & Rose flavour, it is the easiest step in our beauty routine and tastes great too.

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Place the bag in your favourite cup. Add boiling water and in 3-5 minutes you'll achieve maximum extraction and enjoyment.


Lemongrass (62%), Orange peel, Raspberry and Rose flavouring (8%), Minerals (Zinc gluconate, Sodium selenite), Nettle (3%), Birch leaves (3%), Rosemary, Grapefruit peel, Vitamins (Vitamin C, Biotin), Turmeric, Raspberries (1%)

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