Women's Multi 30 Tablets

Red Seal Women's Multi - one-a-day for energy, vitality & hormone balance. Combo of vitamins, minerals and herbs. Popular ingredients such as vitamins B,C D and E with calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, Evening primrose and Chaste tree.

* Supports general health & wellbeing

* Helps support energy and vitality when tired, stressed or overworked

* Vitex supports pre-menstrual balance, regular cycle and healthy menstruation

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Adult: Take 1 tablet with food daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Not recommended for children under 12 years.

Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Do not exceed the daily dose due to Selenium being toxic at high doses.
Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or for those on anticoagulant medication.


EACH TABLET CONTAINS: • Choline: 10mg• Beta-carotene: 3mg• Inositol: 25mg• Citrus bioflavonoids: 25mg Vitamins: • Vitamin B1: 22mg• Vitamin B2: 25mg• Vitamin B3: 75mg• Vitamin B5: 69mg• Vitamin B6: 41mg• Vitamin B12: 50mcg• Vitamin C: 100mg• Vitamin D3: 5mcg (200 IU)• Vitamin E: 25mg (30 IU)• Biotin: 50mcg• Folic acid: 300mcg Minerals: • Calcium: 65mg• Chromium: 19mcg• Copper: 15mcg• Iodine: 50mcg• Iron: 5mg• Magnesium: 48mg• Manganese: 800mcg• Potassium: 2mg• Selenium: 50mcg• Silicon: 30mg• Zinc: 2.5mg Herbs: • Vitex agnus-castus fruit ext. equiv. to: 100mg • Dong quai root (A. polymorpha) ext. equiv. to: 175mg • Evening primrose seed (O. biennis) ext. equiv. to: 100mg Tabletting aids, colouring. Contains shellfish, sulphites and traces of soy and corn. No added: Artificial flavours', sweeteners or preservatives.

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