Vitamin B Complex 30 Tablets

Red Seal Vitamin B complex - one a day high potency formula for energy and vitality.

* B Vitamins support the production of energy from food and help maintain a healthy nervous system.

* Supports the body's metabolic processes during times of stress, fatigues and irritability

* Sustained release


DOAGE: 1 tablet daily with food

Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


EACH TABLET CONTAINS: * Vitamin B1: 83mg * Vitamin B2: 100mg * Vitamin B3: 100mg * Vitamin B5: 100mg * Vitamin B6: 82mg * Vitamin B12: 5mcg * Biotin: 100mcg * Choline: 16mg * Folic acid: 300mcg * Inositol: 40mg * Para-aminobenzoic acid: 15mg * Calcium: 9mg * Tabletting aids, colouring Contains corn No added: Preservatives, flavours or sweeteners

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