Respect thy Elder

15min prep + 30min chill

Respect Thy Elder 1


If lemon and elderflower kombucha is unavailable, use a lemon kombucha instead and add a dash of elderflower cordial.  Adjust stevia to taste.

Time to Make

15min prep + 30min chill


Makes 1 litre


3 x Red Seal Lemon and Lime Hot or Cold Brew Teabags

3 cups (750ml) tap water

1 cup (250ml) lemon and elderflower kombucha

1 teaspoon liquid stevia

1 lime, sliced

½ small lemon, sliced

2 heads elderflower flowers, optional


Place tea bags in a 1.5 litre serving jug and pour over water. 

Allow to draw for 5 minutes and then remove and discard teabags.

Pour in kombucha and stevia and stir to mix well. 

Add lime, lemon and flowers to jug and mix gently. 

Refrigerate for 30 minutes to chill and for the flavours to develop. 

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