Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are your toothpastes made?

Over 30 years ago, Red Seal pioneered the idea of Natural Toothpaste in NZ and all of our toothpastes are manufactured in Auckland NZ.

Are Red Seal toothpastes suitable for vegans?

All Red Seal toothpastes are suitable for vegetarians, however are not registered as vegan.  However, if you are vegan you may not want to use the Propolis toothpaste as it uses Propolis, which is product made by bees.

Can I use Propolis toothpaste if I have a bee allergy?

Please avoid Propolis toothpaste if you have a known bee allergy.

Do Red Seal toothpastes contain salicylates?

Yes. There are natural essential oils in the toothpastes such as peppermint, and aniseed which all naturally contain salicylates. If someone has a strong salicylate allergy they should avoid these toothpastes. However, the Lemon Fresh toothpaste is lower in salicylate content and maybe a good alternative.

Does Red Seal test toothpaste on animals?

No. We do not test toothpaste on non-humans at any stage, development or during the manufacturing process (although our staff are great taste testers).

Is Red Seal toothpaste suitable for children?

Red Seal Kids SLS free natural toothpaste has been specially formulated for young children - with no added fluoride, SLS Free and yummy banana and peach "bubble-gum" flavour with low mint tones. 

Children do not have a spitting reflex until around age 5, therefore we made Red Seal kids natural toothpaste to stop the nasties getting absorbed while they learn to brush their teeth. Start with a small pea sized amount, twice a day after a meal for two minutes.

I’m trying to avoid caffeine. Which Red Seal teas would you recommend?

Green teas all contain caffeine, although at lower levels than black tea or coffee, as does Mi Chai. Other Herbal teas such as Chamomile, Peppermint, Red Bush, Relaxing and Sweet Dreams are caffeine free.

Can I drink Sweet Dreams anytime during the day?

Sweet Dreams is a relaxing drink that is best consumed in the evening as it could make you drowsy due to the Valerian and you should not take prior to operating machinery. 

Why can’t you drink Sweet Dreams tea if you are on other sleeping medication?

Nervine herbs such as passion flower, valerian and skullcap may increase the effect of certain sedative type medications such Benzodiazepines, so best not taken at the same time.

What herb gives Black Adder Liquorice tea its flavour?

The liquorice root isn’t the only herb in the tea that gives the liquorice-type flavour, as fennel and anise also contribute  to this flavour and sweetness.

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