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"The human body strives involuntarily to correct ill health."
William T Anderton, Red Seal founder 1923

Our Story

For 100 years we’ve created products to support your everyday health and wellness by focusing on one simple idea:

When you put incredible in, you get incredible out.

Long before people began talking about alternative medicines and holistic health, an English trained naturopath by the name of William T. Anderton was creating his own herbal remedies for the people of Auckland, New Zealand. From his elegant shop in Symonds Street, opened in 1923, he offered his clients pure, natural prescriptions to assist good health. 

Based on his studies and observations, Anderton believed the human body to be self-correcting - "when it becomes ill, the body automatically begins to cure itself and re-establish the balance needed for good health". He also believed that this process could be assisted and hastened with certain herbal and natural remedies.

Today, we're inspired by New Zealand nature and the incredible nature of all New Zealanders. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. To work on new ideas that build on one hundred years of knowledge and naturopathic wisdom, creating incredible products to support the everyday health and wellness of all New Zealanders.

We think there’s incredible inside all of us. Help us help you let it out!


Team Red Seal xx

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Our Incredible Journey

  • Timeline 01

    open a shop on Symonds Street, Auckland.

    William Anderton's remedies earned a reputation for effectiveness without unpleasant side effects. As his products became more popular, he began to make them available through other highly regarded apothecaries and general stores throughout New Zealand. 

  • 1964 - Red Seal Journey after 40 years

    After 40 years of sharing the idea “that the human body strives involuntarily to correct ill health” Jenny Douglas (William’s daughter), takes over the business. Having learned her father's profession well, she collates his formulations and continues to build the brand.

    She will employ her natural flair for business to expand the Red Seal range and increase the customer following over the years.

  • Year 1983 Red Seal Timeline

    Sonata Laboratories, a Wella company, acquires Red Seal from The Douglas Family.

  • Capture D’Écran 2021 06 27 À 19.51.37 V2

    All production is moved to Sonata’s site in Avondale. Managed by trained pharmacists Rosie and Rolf Hilke.

  • Year 1991 Red Seal Timeline

    Rosie and Rolf Hilke take over the company in a management buyout.

  • 2013

    Red Seal’s brand is given a modern makeover to expand into other categories.

  • EBOS Office

    Red Seal is acquired by EBOS Healthcare to enable global growth.

  • Year 2017 Red Seal Timeline - The iconic Molasses

    The iconic Molasses now come with a twist, a Ginger and Cranberry flavor, soon to be very popular in the Asian market.

  • Year 2018 Red Seal Timeline - TV promotion about benefits of Chemical-Free, Herbal and Mineral Toothpaste Range

    Red Seal talks to kiwis on TV about the benefits of a chemical-free, herbal and mineral toothpaste range.

  • Timeline 04

    The DNA of the brand and business remain unchanged, innovating new ways to support a naturally healthy mind and body in New Zealand.

  • Year 2019 Red Seal Timeline - South Auckland Manufacturing and Logistic site opens

    A brand new manufacturing and logistics site opens its doors in South Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Year 2020 Red Seal Timeline - "Incredible Inside" Campaign Launch

    Red Seal launches its "Incredible Inside" campaign in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Timeline 05

    Red Seal is celebrating a century as one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands with an unwavering founding belief, when you put incredible in, you get incredible out.

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