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BY THE TEAM AT RED SEAL | 02 November 2021

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Not sleeping at night? Weight not dropping? Digestion a bit off? You can utilize minerals and vitamins to nourish your body and soul when required.

Managing your weight and achieving balance is not always as simple as going on a diet and increasing your exercise. Your body may require some additional support before it will respond to traditional solutions.

Here are some areas where you can support your diet and exercise plans.


1- Take care of your gut

We have all heard the saying, “listen to your gut”. And while that advice often refers to our intuition, it could also be about our digestion. Your gut guides your overall well-being. Quite literally, your gut is the epicenter of your mental and physical health. Yet it is all too common to experience digestive issues that make a huge impact on your strength and vitality. If you want to support your immune health, have more efficient digestion, improved clarity, and balance, or want focus on supporting your gut health then investigate Probiotics to see if that would be suitable for you.


2- Reduce stressors

We know, easier said than done sometimes, but in addition to practicing breathing right down into your gut, taking a Vitamin B Complex may support your nervous system, energy levels and mental clarity (especially if your dietary intake is low). Just sit down and relax. Don’t worry, Be Happy.  Focus on your gratitude even if it’s just one thing and watch the positive dial shift slowly but surely.


3- Show your liver a little love

Your liver is responsible for how you process substances, and it must detoxify material to ensure your “engine” is running well. Reducing alcohol consumption and including Milk Thistle to your regime is a great way to help tune up the liver by promoting bile flow.  Think of your liver as a filter, that needs a clean.  We clean our filters in our cars, so why not our bodies?


4- Don’t leave it for too long

If you have tried everything and after a few weeks you are still feeling out of balance, and the weight, or the mood, is not moving, consult your healthcare professional.


5- Take it easy on yourself

The world will not cave in if you slip up and eat something with sugar in it or if you eat some chips with dip at an event. Good nutrition is all about balance. Cut yourself some slack if you do deviate from your resolve to make your diet healthier and get back on track as soon as you can. Tomorrow is another day and just start again and when you wake-up set positive intentions for the day coupled with a couple of things to be grateful about.


6- Get some sleep

So easy to say and so hard to do for some. At times sleep can be elusive and lack of sleep puts stress on your body.  But some simple sleep hygiene tips such as turn off all devices to flight mode in your room, turn off your Wi-Fi off during the night, reduce caffeine consumption from late afternoon, exercise to burn off the stress and just chill even if you are just lying there.  Take the rest.

Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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