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Incredible ingredients

Our new range of NATRUE certified oral care toothpaste includes incredible ingredients.

Aqua (water)

‘Aqua’ is the INCI name for purified water. ​

Role in our toothpaste​: Water acts as a solvent - helping dissolve and distribute other ingredients to perform their various functions.​

Sourced from​: Water​



Bentonite is a clay formed naturally from layers of volcanic ash over geological timeframes. When mixed with water its negative charge binds with and removes impurities and toxins.​​

Role in our toothpaste​: Thickens our toothpaste. 

Sourced from: clay mineral


Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is a common substance found in rocks in all parts of the world, mainly as the minerals calcite and aragonite.

Role in our toothpaste: Calcium carbonate is a gentle abrasive that helps to remove and inhibit plaque build-up. It also gives a unique texture.

Source: limestone

Calcium Carbonate (1)

Capric glycerides​

Caprylic acid and capric acid are saturated fatty acids found naturally in plant oils such as coconut and palm and alo goats’ milk where they get their name the latin word for goats: capra

Role in our toothpaste​: A dispersant to help dissolve aromatic compounds and avoid any clumping. 

Sourced from​: Fractionated coconut oil

Capric Glycerides​


Glycerin (also called glycerol or glycerine) is an organic compound present in all natural lipids (fats). It can be derived from animal fats, however ours is sourced from plants.

Role in our toothpaste: Glycerol helps improve the smoothness and lubrication of the toothpaste and can help inhibit bacteria growth.

Source: vegetable oils

Glycerol (1)

Hydrated Silica

Hydrated silica is an odourless white powder derived from silica (silicon dioxide), an abundant compound found in around the world in quartz, sand and obsidian.

Role in our toothpaste: It helps our toothpaste gels hold their shape, it is also mildly abrasive and can aid whitening and plaque removal. We use different grades to achieve this.

Source: mineral

Hydrated Silica

Lauryl glucoside​

Lauryl glucoside is a plant-based surfactant derived from lauryl alcohol (from coconut or palm) and glucose (from corn).

Role in our toothpaste​: Helps our toothpaste to lather and foam so our teeth feel properly clean, avoiding the need for SLS.

Sourced from​: Lauric acid (from coconut oil) & glucose (from corn syrup)

Lauryl Glucoside​

Potassium sorbate​

Potassium sorbate is a NATRUE approved preservative. This ingredient can be derived from natural sources, such as Rowan berries (Sorbus aucuparia) though most is synthetic for safety and purity.

Role in our toothpaste​: A mild preservative to keep our toothpaste fresh, stable and functional throughout their three year shelf life. 

Sourced from​: Rowan berries (Sorbus aucuparia)

Potassium Sorbate

Sodium cocoyl glutamate​

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate is a mild salt derived from coconut oil.

Role in our toothpaste​: It is used for its cleansing and foaming properties, and for its low allergy profile for people with sensitivities.

Sourced from​: Coconut oil

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate​


Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol with a sweet taste, usually derived from corn syrup.

Role in our toothpaste: Adds sweetness and is a humectant (moisture retainer). It is also a plasticiser that thickens and adds structure to our toothpaste gels.

Sourced from: corn



A uniquely New Zealand product sustainably sourced from the heartwood of recycled Totara trees. Its properties were noticed by scientists due to the extremely hardy and slow degradation of fallen trees. 

Role in our toothpaste​: Totarol’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties support oral health and act as a preservative.

Sourced from​: Heartwood of fallen New Zealand Totara trees 


Xanthan gum

Xanthan gum is a thick substance produced during fermentation of the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris with glucose (sugar).

Role in our toothpaste​: Thickens and adds texture and viscosity to our toothpastes. 

Sourced from​: Bacterial fermentation (corn, potato, wheat)

Xanthan Gum


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, typically derived from a hydrogenation process of corn.

Role in our toothpaste: A non sugar sweetener, Xylitol may also help inhibit the growth of Streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that contributes to tooth decay.

Source: corn


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