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BY THE TEAM AT RED SEAL | 07 February 2022

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Drinking water is wellness 101, with hydration supporting important things throughout the body like brain function, more energy, healthy digestion, better sleep and glowing skin. During the warmer months, keeping up those 8 glasses a day becomes more of a priority, with long hot humid days and perspiration at its peak, resulting in a greater loss of water.

So, do you know how to spot signs of dehydration before it hits? Read on as we share key signs to lookout for and handy hacks to help the whole family up their water intake, and keep feeling their best!

Signs of Dehydration

- Headaches and fatigue
- Urine colour: ideal urine colour is on the clearer side of pale yellow - anything darker generally indicates dehydration
- Actually feeling thirsty - a lot of the time, by the time we feel thirst, we’re already mildly dehydrated, so keep sipping throughout the day
- Dry lips
- Muscle cramps or twitching
*Always seek advice from your medical professionals if you develop any of these symptoms. Also contact your doctor if you’re unusually thirsty. This could be a sign of a medical problem that needs to be treated.

Our Hydration Hacks

1 - Start your day with a tall glass of the good stuff - we like to add ice, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt to water for an easy, homemade electrolyte hit. A cup of warm herbal tea or a glass of chilled fruit brew is also a great idea. For the little ones, make starting the day with water fun! Add fresh fruit and a silicone straw. Try colourful cups and make choosing their morning water cup a fun routine.

2 - Along with SPF, make your water bottle your favourite accessory - try making an at-home ‘motivational water bottle’ to keep you on track. No matter where you go, make sure it’s by your side! You can also set regular reminders on your phone to ‘drink up’ as a check-in throughout the day.

3 - Create healthy habits, especially on workdays, and use things like sending an email, finishing an email, or going to the bathroom as a cue to take a sip from your water bottle. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching for a drink without even thinking.

4 - Snack on water-rich foods like watermelon, strawberries, tomato, cucumber & pineapple.

5 - Hyaluronic acid is the poster child for dewy, glowing skin and is a key molecule involved in retaining skin moisture. To compliment your overall hydration, up your skin hydration game and make sure this incredible ingredient is a part of your skincare routine.

6- If you aren’t already applying SPF daily, here’s your reminder to do so! Too much sun exposure is not only damaging for your skin, it’s dehydrating too. So aim to avoid the peak hours of the day in the sun when you can.

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