Passionfruit & Vanilla poached pears

Recipe Pear Icecream 1968X1312

Cooking Time

30 mins




1 litre water
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons honey
6 Red Seal Passionfruit & Vanilla Hot or Cold Brew bags
4 pears Bosc, Corella, or a firm variety


Step 1
In a large pan, heat the water, sugar and honey until warm.

Step 2
While the water is heating peel and core the pears.

Step 3
Add the Red Seal Passionfruit & Vanilla Hot or Cold Brew bags, leave in the water for 3-5 minutes until flavour has infused.

Step 4
Take a piece of baking paper and cut a round to fit your pan, then cut a small circle in the middle to act as a vent.
Remove the brew bags and add the pears to the poaching liquid and top with your baking paper cartouche.

Step 5
Cook for 10 – 25 minutes. The cooking time depends on the variety and size of pears. They are cooked when a knife is inserted into the pear, and they are soft. Remove from the poaching liquid.

If you like you can reduce the poaching liquid by half to make a luscious sauce. However, they are lovely without this step too.

Enjoy with granola and yoghurt, or ice cream.

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