Mango Trifle with Peach & Pineapple Jelly

45min + 4hrs Freezing Time

Red Seal Triffle Recipe
Pop on your kid's chef hats for this super easy, no bake Fruit Jelly Trifle.

Created by:

Melanie Lionello , from My Little Kitchen

Time to Make

45min + 4hrs Freezing Time




- 600mL thickened cream

- 1 tbs vanilla bean paste

- 1 litre custard

- 1 madeira cake, cubed

- 2 mangoes, peeled and sliced very thinly

- Blueberries


Ingredients to make jelly:

- 5 Red Seal Peach and Pineapple Hot or Cold Brew bags

- 5 cups of water

- 5 tbs of powdered gelatine


Step 1

In a saucepan, add water and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer then sprinkle in gelatine and stir until it’s completely dissolved. Remove from heat.


Step 2

Add Red Seal brew bags to a saucepan, and steep for 5 minutes. Remove brew bags and cool jelly mixture for 10 or so minutes. Refrigerate for 4 hours until set.


Step 3

Into a trifle bowl, add madeira cake cubes, and layer 1 sliced mango through the cake. Pour over jelly carefully and refrigerate for 4 hours until set. While the jelly is setting, whip cream, and vanilla bean paste together until soft peaks form. Set aside.


Step 4

Pour custard on top of the set jelly. Spoon over whipped cream. Add remaining sliced mango on top along with blueberries. Serve right away or keep in the fridge until dessert time.

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