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Share the health this winter with Red Seal

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Join Red Seal and Salvation Army to support our Aotearoa Whānau

The Salvation Army Foodbanks have been providing food to kiwis in need, for more than 131 years. Last year they distributed over 81,000 food parcels to those in need. Rising living costs mean that the demand for food is greater than ever so we're making it easy to support the Salvation Army Foodbanks this April.


What are we doing?

When you purchase any 2 Red Seal Supplements at your local Countdown store, in turn, Red Seal will donate one bottle of Vitamin C 1000 mg Echinacea & Strawberry 35 pack on your behalf.

This gives you the opportunity to support the health of someone in need, at the same time as supporting your own health through the incredible Salvation Army Foodbanks.


Why Vit C?

Vitamin C supports the immune system, energy levels and our skin health all year round. As part of a balanced diet, Vitamin C does wonders for our overall health.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, and we need to include in our diet every day, in order to keep our bodies topped up with this amazing antioxidant.

Vitamin C is found in many different fruits and vegetables. The most concentrated food sources are blackcurrants, green and red chilli peppers, oranges – the citrus family, broccoli, and cauliflower. Up to 100% of the Vitamin C content of food can be destroyed during cooking and storing as the vitamin is sensitive to light.

Over the winter months especially, it’s great to top up with Vitamin C supplements to support the immune system.


How to participate?

For every 2 Red Seal Supplements you purchase at Countdown, we will donate one bottle of Vitamin C 1000 mg Echinacea & Strawberry 35 pack to the Salvation Army Foodbanks.

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